Basra Global firmly believes in great bargains and providing excellent products, which is why we commit to giving our customers the best of both worlds. We aspire to become extremely innovative and industrious, offering our audience the most impeccable blend of great experiences and exemplary outcomes.
The core product range includes a wide variety of fascinating fragrances, personal care products and home care products. Our primary focus is on fulfilling every customer's desire in our industry. We wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to our customers and work hard towards building a long-lasting, strong and meaningful relationship with them.
Our Vision
To share the sheer joy of experiencing and using products that enhances the beauty of our existence to a new high & blissfulness & to ambitiously & strategically enter the wider consumer markets by opening various distribution channels on the global platform.
Our Mission
Basra’s primary mission is to create an empire and a legacy in the fragrance, beauty, and home care product market. We strive to achieve the very objective by strategizing an innovative and customized product range for every age group. We work to bring world-class experience to our customers while maintaining high standards of quality & care.

Our Accredations