Bagwan Apparel Roll On

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Liquid Air Freshner

Safe for use
95% water based & non flammable formula makes it extremely safe for use.

Eliminate Odors
Bagwan eliminates it from every corner of the house using odor capture block conversion.

Impress Guests
Bagwan produces a slow dispersing and long lasting fragrance that is sure to get you a compliment or two!

Remove Foul smells
Every home have malodorous lurk in every corner Bagwan 'nose' it all & removes it
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Perfect Air Freshner

To Keep You Fresh All Day at Home/Office

No Gas Liquid Deodorant

Does not disturb the natural perspiration process
NO Alcohol
NO Irritation Causing Material
NO animal derived products

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Bagwan No Gas Liquid Deodorant

Bagwan Air Freshner Gas

Feel Heaven at Home

Bagwan Air Freshner Gas

Fragrances that can change your mood