Basra…behind the curtain
On one fine morning three decades ago, an angel born on a sunny day when the Sun was rising with its creamy orange reddish cool light and his silvery golden rays were trying to kiss the earth, clouds were paving their way as if saluting them, birds were chirping in chores and various flowers on earth garden were opening their treasures of fragrances with surprising wide open eyes and welcome a beautiful baby girl SHAMEENA –our today’s Iconic Entrepreneur.
Every creation of God is a wonder
And Shameena is special for she loves nature so dearly since her birth as if she were a part of beautiful world of flowers .She could identify about five hundred fragrances of flowers and name them with her closed eyes. Time passes on and on with her increasing love for beauty of nature and her feminine aesthetic sense and creative knowledge of combination of fragrances.
Icing on the life cake…
When you love something so dearly the universe is going to support your dream, a young energetic handsome prince Aarif Bagwan – a lover of nature and purity, enters her life as a groom. Born in the ancient city of flowers PALANPUR and grown up as one of the gems of Bagwan nurturing and farming flowers as legendary farmers of fragrances before Independence were his forefathers. Shameena’s interest in nature has now got direction in accomplishing her chosen field and give it a shape.…and she got involved herself in studying and learning about the family business...
And a feather of lollipop too…
Just as the movement that sought to new avenuea with nature’s tale as sacred, rather than equipment to support the genuine momentum; the support of mother in law; a gorgeous lady and adventurous husband coupled with fulfillment of dreamy venture in the form of BASRA named after a blessing fountain of inspiration-mother of Arifbhai.
BASRA is portrayed with rainbow colors of love of nature, patriotic passion, dedication and diligence to facilitate the world of fragrances with enlightening, esteemed realm for much of the natural beauty inwardly by preserving nature as well as outwardly outstanding purity. Shameena wants to go far to do something great and important. She envisioned that surely it should not be based on needs or what people surrounding her thought about woman’s venture as depending on the circumstances and situations but on the foundations of uniquely creative as well as incredibly natural.
She is blessed with precious sensatory taste & she wants to dedicate her time energy and potential ability to something precious as she is sure to do the best with her god gifted woman hood‘s natural inclination to beautify the world as HOME & scented mother land- body. Her willingness finds a desired result for the more betterment of humanity, full of wonderful experience of fragrances that brings magical change in the lives of people. BASRA does not only talks about an inspiring applied real strategy tale for new start ups but an outcome of persistent efforts reveals how to excel since day one with the study of nature since birth.
The initial motive spreading the fragrance amongst the people of Gujarat with natural fragrances of flowers ensuring the authentic quality of perfumes guided by experts and maintain hygiene standards of natural products as today’s timely demand on the top with the ultimate trust among the corporate of fragrances. Because to spread nature’s fragrances with beauty of BASRA is much more fascinating than competing and copying from what is available in the market to nature.
The evolutionary tempting fascination for BASRA fragrances is credited to woman entrepreneurs and growing to the supportive demands of perfumes, skin care and body lotions surely pave way to make venture a big success. Some Transformation should not be stopped abruptly for any reason whatsoever the obstacles may come on the way… as living happily as ever and spreading fragrances of love and compassion to nature is the mission and human birth right.
-- ~ --
Let us shake hands to nature and be eco friendly
Let us feel pride of being pure & natural from Just artificial another to Choicest nature lover
Let us share joy and scented sentiments from Boring market to Beautiful BASRA.
Let us arise and awaken from where we are today to see Indian BASRA everywhere.
Let us inspire cosmic nature with BASRA fragrances & make the scented world.